Payment Policy

Payment Policies

- Payment Options
- Payment Security
- What is a CVV/CVC?
- Cancellation Policy


Payments can be made through credit cards, debit cards or net banking. Please note that payments on will be accepted only in INR for orders. 

CC Avenue - Payment Gateway that facilitates:

  • Credit Cards - Credit Cards issued by banks and institutions that are part of the Visa and Mastercard Network
  • Debit Cards - Visa/Mastercard Debit Cards
  • Net Banking

Important Points

While availing any of the payment method/s offered by us, we are not responsible or take no liability of whatsoever nature in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to you out of the decline due to:

  • Lack of authorization to carry out a transaction,
  • Exceeding the preset limit mutually agreed by you and between your "Bank/s",
  • Decline of transaction for any other reasons.
  • A time out occurring during a transaction (for instance, a power failure causing the internet to not work during a transaction)
  • Insufficient funds in your account



All transactions at Stopshopswipe are well protected. Any information you enter when transacting with Stopshopswipe is sent in a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session and is encrypted to protect you against unintentional disclosure to third parties. This is an assurance that it follows the best security practices adopted by major online vendors where all payments are processed in real-time for your security and immediate peace of mind.


What is a CVV/CVC?

The Credit Verification Value or CVV or the Credit Validation Code or CVC is an important security feature that further reduces the risk of Internet fraud. This number never appears on sales receipts or billing statements and is only found on the physical card itself. We ask you to enter the CVV/CVC code during your transaction to make sure that the card is, in fact, in your possession. The CVV/CVC is a 3 or 4 digit code embossed or imprinted on the reverse side of your credit card in the signature area.


Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation of order within the specified timeline (24 hours), amount will be refunded to the cardholder after deduction of a nominal service charge and credited through the same payment instrument.